New Xiaomi Chipset Look to Reduce the Price of Smartphones and Tablets in 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about Xiaomi looking to start creating their own chipset, and it seems like they’ll debut in many 2017 Xiaomi smartphones and tablets next year. The latest leaks out of China suggest not one, but two different SoC’s will debut next year that Xiaomi intends using in their own products.

This is great news for consumers, but even better news for Xiaomi as the competition has increased significantly with many budget friendly products such as smartphones and tablets. The Xiaomi chipset would be used exclusively in their own branded products, and may debut in the 2017 launch of the Redmi Note 5.

Xiaomi Chipset

The new chipsets would enable Xiaomi to drop their already low-cost products even more which would allow them to further compete with other budget minded tech manufacturers. Other Chinese start-ups offer similar products with a similar price tag, but the new chipset may just give Xiaomi the competitive edge in a very competitive market.

Both chipsets would be used for a different price tier of products including the lower-end Redmi series and midrange smartphones. As of this time, there’s been no official announcement, but the new leaks suggest the mid-range SoC will be an octa-core variant that will run faster, and more efficient than current mid-range Xiaomi smartphones.

It’s expected that high-end models will continue to run Qualcomm chipset which is likely to be seen in the 2017 Xiaomi Mi 6 smartphone. The Mi 6 is believed to be the first Xiaomi flagship launched in the US later next year. We’ll continue to update you on the latest and greatest news including all there is to know on the new Xiaomi chipset.

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