Xiaomi Mi 6 US Launch Looks to Outsell Apple’s iPhone 7

It’s amazing how much we’re hearing on the 2017 release of the Xiaomi Mi 6, but we’re already hearing about when and where it will land. Early rumors suggested the Mi 6 would launch in markets worldwide during the summer of 2017, but now it’s looking like we’ll be waiting just a bit longer.

It’s amazing how much we’re hearing, especially considering the Mi 5 has yet to be made official. The Xiaomi Mi5 is believed to be announced later this year or early next year which is what leading to the latest Xiaomi Mi 6 US launch rumors.

Back on the idea of being a worldwide launch as it’s looking to be more and more of a reality. Xiaomi has been increasing their market share outside of China and India as they’ve slowly been building a presence in other markets including Africa and the US. With a production plant now in Africa and online product sales in the states, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing Xiaomi smartphones in other markets globally.

This brings us to the latest rumors on a US Xiaomi Mi 6 launch which are suggesting just that. It was reported months ago the 2016 flagship would be heading to new markets including the US, Canada, and many European markets including the UK, and it’s looking like it’ll become a reality. With other top smartphone manufacturers already having a stronghold in the states, Xiaomi will be competing directly with the 2017 launch of Apple’s iPhone 8.

Both are expecting to bring out the best in quality when it comes to specs and features, but all eyes will be on the price. With Apple continually launching their newest products for top dollar, it’ll be Xiaomi that gets consumers to notice what smartphone prices can be.

With a US launch price of the Mi 6 expected to be south of $500 and the launch price of the iPhone 8 expected to be about $300 higher, it’ll be interesting to see how consumers respond. It’s only a matter of time before we hear something official, but as soon as the Xiaomi Mi 6 US launch is made official we’ll bring you the latest news.

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